Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Features in Spring Framework 2.5:

New Features in Spring Framework 2.5:
  • Annotation-driven configuration:  Annotation-driven dependency injection through @Autowired annotation and fine-grained auto wiring control with@Qualifier.
Support for JSR-250 annotations including @Resource for dependency injection of a named resource, as well as @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy for life-cycle methods.
  • Autodetecting components in the classpath: Spring 2.5 introduces support component scanning: autodetecting annotated components in the classpath. Typically, such component classes will be annotated with stereotypes such as @Component, @Repository, @Service, @Controller.
  • Portlet framework: Spring 2.0 ships with a Portlet framework that is conceptually similar to the Spring MVC framework.
  • Enhanced testing support: Spring 2.5 introduces the Spring TestContext Framework which provides annotation-driven unit and integration testing. A new integration test framework that is based on JUnit 4 and Annotations.
  • Java 5 (Tiger) support: Java 5 support in Spring 2.0 and 2.5.
  • Dynamic language support: Spring 2.5 refines the dynamic languages support with autowiring and support for the recently released JRuby 1.0.
  • Java EE 5 support: including JTA 1.1, JavaMail 1.4 and JAX-WS2.0 etc.
  • Support for AspectJ load-time weaving: Spring 2.5 introduces explicit support AspectJ load-time weaving, as alternative to the proxy-based AOP framework. The new context:load-time-weaver configuration element automatically activates AspectJ aspects as defined in AspectJ's META-INF/aop.xml descriptor, applying them to the current application context through registering a transformer with the underlying ClassLoader.
  • Easier XML configuration: New XML configuration namespaces, including context namespace for configuring application context details and a jms namespace for configuring message-driven beans.