Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Play Framework Installation

Installing Play Framework:

The following are the steps to install a play framework:

Step 1: In order to run Play framework , we need JAVA 6 or higher versions. To test in your system java is installed or not, use the following commands in your terminal or command prompt:
javac and java.

And also add the JAVA_HOME to the environment variable.

Note: Play Framework 2.4  recommended to use JAVA 8.

Step 2:  Download the latest Play framework( Activator) from the following site:

here i am downloaded Play 2.3.9 (activator)

Note: Instead of installing latest Activator use previous versions because may be there some issues in latest activator.

Step 3:  Extract the downloaded play framework and add it to the Class path:

Right Click on Computer --> Properties --> Advanced System Settings --> Advanced --> Click on Environment Variable --> select PATH and click on Edit. In Variable value append the extracted play framework location.

Step 4: Check the play framework installed properly or not using the following command in terminal or command prompt:

C:\Users\Ranga>activator help

Usage activator [options] [command]

ui                 Start the Activator UI
new [name] [template-id]  Create a new project with [name] using template [template-id]
list-templates     Print all available template names
help               Print this message

-jvm-debug [port]  Turn on JVM debugging, open at the given port.  Defaults to 9999 if no port given.

Environment variables (read from context):
JAVA_OPTS          Environment variable, if unset uses ""
SBT_OPTS           Environment variable, if unset uses ""
ACTIVATOR_OPTS     Environment variable, if unset uses ""

Please note that in order for Activator to work you must have Java available on the classpath.

Congratulations, you are successfully installed play framework in your system.

Happy Learning!